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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone Number

If you or someone you love are exhibiting signs of suicide, get help immediately.

However dark things get, remember that it too will pass. Hang in there and one day soon you will wake to new beginnings with endless possibilities.

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9 SecsOccurrence rate of women assaulted or beaten in the United States.

1 of 5Number of women that are raped at some point in their lifetime in the United States.

40%Percent of Prostitutes who began as children through illegal force.

98%Percent of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation that are female.

In the Spotlight

~Jackie Rosen~

Executive Director/CEO at Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention, FISP

It is with great pleasure that we choose Jackie Rosen for this month's spotlight woman. Jackie Rosen has made a direct impact in the lives of many, including our founder's Christine Michelle. She is an amazing woman with incredible foresight and perseverance. Currently, Jackie is busy trying to integrate her suicide prevention program in the public school system of Broward County, Florida. Jackie wants to increase awareness with school-aged children given increasing concerns with bullying, academic pressures, and depression. Thank you for all your work Jackie. You are greatly appreciated.